Voucher Scams Still At Large

As people were getting ready to stock up on items before Christmas, scores of people were duped into thinking they were going to get a great deal at their local Aldi.

Aldi was forced to warn customers that the “40% off all items” vouchers in circulation were fake, and may in fact be a scam to get personal details.

In this case, the fake vouchers weren’t redeemable and Aldi didn’t lose money – though it didn’t do anything to benefit their reputation.

Recently at Asda, two men used fraudulent £5 vouchers to purchase £320 worth of alcohol.

Having fake vouchers circulating in their name is not good for any business. Not only does it cause an association of mistrust between customers and the brand, it can pose a financial loss.

For medium and small business, fake vouchers can have a detrimental effect as they often can’t afford the financial losses.