Pros and cons of electronic ticketing

Traditionally, physical tickets are bought at the retailer or posted to recipients through the post. While they bring a sense of occasion to the event in question (and sometimes serve as memorabilia), physical tickets are susceptible to theft, damage, getting lost in the post or even after they’re in the customer’s hands.

Electronic ticketing thus poses a few advantages:

  • Electronic tickets are less likely to be lost in the post or once they’ve reached the customer, as they’re sent to a customer’s email. There’s no need to worry about reissuing the physical tickets.
  • Electronic tickets are more convenient – they can be purchased anytime and anywhere, making it a lot easier for the customer. It’s also easier (and cheaper) for the retailer as it’s automated.
  • After purchase, the tickets are more accessible, as most customers will have a smartphone where they can be stored.
  • If printed copies are needed, customers can simply print them themselves, and if they’re lost, they can be re-printed.
  • Selling tickets online is also great to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, if you are keen to track conversions online from your digital campaigns.