Improving communication for a flexible workforce

An increasingly flexible workforce and millenials that are not only tech savvy but expect quick and expedient online services means that employers are starting to offer more efficient and accessible forms of communicating with their staff. This is especially important when it comes to key information to do with HR and payroll.

Effective communication becomes even more difficult to manage as employees have more flexible working hours, or are working remotely. It’s essential to have secure infrastructure in place so they can access HR and payroll information when they’re not necessarily in the office.

HR queries are dominated by questions about payroll and payslips. Often, HR staff are answering similar questions repeatedly and it can take days to get to them due to backlog.

All of this can have an impact on employee morale and their confidence in their employer.

As the economy picks up and people feel they may have better job prospects elsewhere, employee engagement and effective communication will become key to retaining talented staff.