Our latest online product Elicencesecure goes live

We are very proud to announce the launch of Elicencesecure as the latest addition to our portfolio of online products.

From our many years of working with developing nations in southern Africa we understand the serious problem of counterfeiting and forgery within the industries that play an important part in these countries’ economies. As specialists in data security, we have been working on a solution that will help combat this insidious problem and help to alleviate the threat caused to life and livelihood, put a stop to the use of child labour and reduce the damage being done to the environment and wildlife.

Industries such as diamond and precious metals mining, tourism, wildlife parks and conservation have been exploited by forgery and counterfeit experts for many years; despite the continued efforts of governments and professionals within these industries, the problem has persisted because the tools and strategies to stop the problem have just not been robust enough to deter those with criminal intent – the determination of these people to protect their illegal trade and the huge profits they can make is very hard to beat. But we are confident that this is about to change.

The technology we have designed for Elicencesecure allows for high security features to be integrated into both print and digital licences and certificates, making it extremely hard for them to be forged, and the latest validation technology allows for full track and trace capability and validation from anywhere in the world from any device. It’s this comprehensive level of security that underpins the security of the documents – there is no door left ajar that can be prised open by the wrong person.

As with all Emergesecure’s web portals, Elicencesecure is designed to be easy to use; the technology is extremely advanced but the user experience is straightforward to understand and operate; that’s why it works.