Welcome, Ecertsecure

The face of certification is changing. As the world moves ever faster into the digital realm, the way in which certificates are issued, shared and verified is in transition – and it’s connectivity that’s the driving force.

Modern certificates depend on numerous connections throughout their lifetime. Student data needs to connect to certificate software. Certificate software must connect to the institution. The institution to the student. The student to the employer. And to verify the certificate, a good employer should, through the institution, connect back to the student data.

By combining an understanding of how institutions are issuing certificates, how students are sharing them, and how employers are verifying them, Ecertsecure embraces the changes that are reshaping the secure certificate industry.

From creation to verification, the Ecertsecure platform offers autonomy and security, linking the physical document to the electronic document with unprecedented levels of traceability, delivering a system that rethinks the certification process to meet the needs of modern education.

Ecertsecure – a certificate management system for the production, distribution and protection of secure certificates, worldwide.


David Williams is the Business Development Manager at EmergeSecure. Contact him davidwilliams@emergesecure.com